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7/19/2018 Our office is currently closed on a temporary hiatus and is not able to schedule new clients at this time. Upon reopening, this message will be updated. In the mean time, if you have an questions or are in need of assistance, please feel free to call (901) 286-8977 or email for assistance!

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Thanks so much for visiting our website!

If you are one the millions seeking a more natural approach to good physical and mental health you have come to the right place.  We are a licensed provider for the Pastoral Medical Association's Member Share Network, a multi-thousand member assembly of families and professionals that have joined together to share in leading edge natural health care concepts. Our services are limited to registered members of the network and you must register here.  Membership is free and is the right choice if you prefer a more natural approach to good health.  See our Disclaimer at the bottom for more information.

It's our goal to broaden your knowledge base about Pastoral Science & Medicine work and how it relates to wellness in every area of your life, physical, emotional and spiritual. 

Synergistic Health Solutions is a ministry that was created to provide a new approach to wellness by incorporating the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of intervention to address the whole being. We can do this locally or remotely, if you are not in our immediate area. Creating balance is critical in today's fast-paced and often stressful society. Synergistic Health Solutions uses an individualized combination of approaches to address the needs of our clients, who have often already exhausted many of the typical wellness options available. The whole person and their whole life are addressed. Our focus is not dis-ease (the state of the body not being at ease), rather on wellness. Our focus is on the following:

  • Educating, inspiring growth & deepening spiritual connections & understanding, which in turn play an enormous role in spiritual/emotional/physical well being.
  • Dietary guidance on eating the way God intended to insure not only adequate nutrition, but a lack of ingested chemicals and toxins that are harmful to the body. 
  • Naturally detoxifying and supplementing the body's needs.
  • Changing thoughts that no longer serve us and often negatively affect us, as well as learning to master the practice of gratitude, proactive, & positive thought patterns. This plays an enormous role throughout our entire being. 
  • Rebalancing the body's energy field by clearing energy blockages, cleansing & activating the body's meridian field, & removing negative energies. This is a critical part of returning the body to a state of ease. 

Each of these areas of focus can be accomplished using many different interventions and approaches. Check out our "More About Services" page to learn more about our different modalities of assistance.

We look forward to being a useful resource on your spiritual, emotional, & physical journey through this life, & are excited by the prospect of enlightenment and growth for all who are interested. Please let us know how we can best be of service to you!

Love and Light,

Laura Lum Corby, D.PSc, Pastoral Science & Medicine Practitioner & Wellness Facilitator

We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. There's much more to come!

Notice: Laura Lum Corby, D.PSc. is licensed by the Pastoral Medical Association to provide natural health services to individuals registered in the Member Share Network.  All information on this website is intended solely for registered members of the network and for individuals interested in learning more about natural health services.  If you wish to receive services, member registration is free and may be completed on-line here.  

Note that if you have a complaint on our services or wish to check the status of our license you should contact the Pastoral Medical Association


It is important to remember that this web site, its ideas, and products are for educational purposes only and not intended to be a replacement for the relationship you have with your healthcare provider. Any information provided is based on Pastoral Science & Medicine and is not medical advice and should not be substituted for regular consultation withyour healthcare provider. The information, ideas, statements, or any third party statements presented herein have not been evaluated by the FDA, and therefore should not be construed as medical advice & are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease or illness. 
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