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The Ups and Downs of Being Vulnerable

Why is it that so many perceive vulnerability as automatically resulting in a negative or painful outcome? Yes, we all have past pain that sends our conscious minds into protective mode, in a valiant effort to protect us from experiencing pain in the future. Human nature right? We default to control tactics & limiting beliefs to keep us in safe, known waters, so we don't have to experience the discomfort of not knowing, & potentially exposing ourselves to hurting again. All these fear-based behaviors not only dramatically increase our stress & anxiety levels, but they actually prevent us from living vibrant, fulfilling lives! We become prisoners of our own fear & control mechanisms, though our ego mind much prefers to deceptively call it strength, stability, security, & fortitude. What if vulnerability, wading into unknown waters, actually resulted in far more positive outcomes such as growth, depth, expansion & greater understanding of core beliefs, shifts in perspective, & greater adaptability, which in turn reduced exposure to negative outcomes & pain to a far greater degree than avoidance?

The truth is, the willingness to be vulnerable, even in the face of fear, provides far more opportunity for benefit than negative outcome. If we were to seize these opportunities & chart the outcome data accordingly, we would find that yes, there may be some unpleasant experiences from time to time, but the awesome would far out weight the negative when looking at the whole. We must risk pain to find love, risk failure to find success, risk dissent to find our own views & perspectives, & everyday we walk out the door risking death in order to find life! 

Fear so often keeps us from experiencing life-changing greatness. We all experience great & varying degrees of fear that cause us to hesitate in our pursuits. DO IT ANYWAY! You are far more likely to find that vulnerability & fear you have been avoiding most of your life, is the very key that opens the door to depth, understanding, freedom, contentment & the vibrancy in life you may have envied in others from afar!What is holding you back today & what is it keeping you from accomplishing?

Love & Light,
Laura Lum Corby

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