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Modern Medicine Should Be Quantum, Not Newtonian

January 24, 2014 at 1:42pm

"Modern medicine assumes the body is Newtonian. We keep looking for the smallest particles of the body assuming that there we will find the answers to disease, for example, gene mapping. This is valid for systems where only the total mass of the system matters, such as for weights, or collections of small weakly interacting particles, like a pound of flour. Later when people began to consider atoms instead, Newton's Laws didn't work.  

Remember that Newton's Laws apply to the things you can see but don't work well for small things. Quantum physics laws apply to small things you can't see like atoms. The energy exchange between atoms occurs before chemical reactions occur.

The universe appears to have a Newtonian component superimposed on a quantic component. The body is the same. The body is controlled by quantum laws until it dies. It them becomes Newtonian. Much of medicine treats the body as if it were Newtonian. At the moment the body loses its magnetic field, the body dies."
Dr. Jerry Tennant, Healing Is Voltage Excerpt

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