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Healing The Body and Eliminating Pain

January 18, 2012 at 7:14pm

I wrote this post a while back, but decided to make it into a blog post, because of the info involved, but also the response I got from a particular client who can speak first hand how powerful this therapy is. It's one thing to be able to spout off info about what we are doing, it's another thing completely when people can confirm that it's working in their lives! I can say whatever I like, but I love it when others can tell you their stories of health and healing after implementing these powerful interventions! Hope this helps! 

I LOVE MY JOB! I love being able to take people in chronic, intractable pain and teach  them how to become pain-free at home, even if for just a period of time! 

Do you know that ALL pain is related to pH/Cell Voltage? If your cell voltage is not in the +5 or worse range, you cannot have pain. What does that mean, well, you have to be acidic to experience pain and if we can get your cell voltage up to -50mv or preferably -70mv, we can not only elminate the pain, we can start instigating healing. How long you keep that voltage high enough to reduce the inflammation, pain and heal depends on many factors. Obviously the more alkaline you remain, the longer you can maintain your voltage! Want to know more, shoot me a message! We have got to get educated on Cell Voltage. It's a critical factor in health that is completely overlooked by the major medical establishment. All the greatest biomed, supplements and other interventions in the world will not change things permanently if your pH/Cell Voltage is off. Just saying.......

First thing I would do is contact Karla Bass at 214-886-8809, tell her I sent you and order the book called Healing is Voltage, by Dr. Jerry Tennant. You can get it less expensively from her than online. I have been studying under Dr. Tennant for some time now and have learned more in these last 2 several years than I have in my prior 13 in this field. CELL VOLTAGE IS 100% CRITICAL. Nothing else can get you well if you cannot regenerate new, healthy cells. You may temporarily feel better, but you cannot and will not get and stay well if your voltage is off. THIS BOOK IS THE FOUNDATION OF A HUGE PART OF THE WORK I DO. I re-read it constantly, as I learn more each time I read it and my understanding grows! 


Corrine King Derenburger said:
IT WORKS! Reparing my body from all the damage that was done throgh taking chemo and interferon a whle ago. I carry a pain level of about 5 on good days and 7-8 on not so good days...... But after doing this therapy, I am experiencing short periods with NO pain and some with lighter pain. I also noticed that I have MORE energy.... when I need to have it... not staying up all night like caffeine, but tiring when I'm supposed to and being able to get up easier and not fighting my alarm. :) I ordered my Raw Materials today and am reading Healing is Voltage! 

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