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The Transformation Begins

Written 11/28/2011

One year ago at this time, I was very much in a downward spiral in my life. Everything I loved seemed to evaporate before my eyes, whereas those things that appeared to be defeating me were growing with rapid speed. The momentum of the devastation train seemed inevitable, and no matter what I did or how much energy I put into changing things, that runaway train continued down the mountain, headed towards an eventual crash of incredible proportions.  

I watched my health, my family, my finances, my business, my friendships and myself crumble into a pool of negativity and dilapidation, that I honestly thought I would never recover from. I felt utterly hopeless, and though I tried to remain positive, NOTHING WAS CHANGING. WHY? I had always heard that positive thinking changed things. Why wasn't it changing things for me?  

I found myself on a roller coaster of emotions, ranging from positive and optimistic, when I could pull myself up long enough to catch a breath, to downright despair and hopelessness, when my mind would once again convince me that no matter what I did, this was truly an impossible situation. 

I almost felt as though I had 2 completely different personalities. When I was up and positive, I truly believed I could accomplish my dreams and would have amazing situations arise. Yet, shortly thereafter, it was as if someone continually pulled the carpet our from under me. The negativity and people in my environment played a role in impacting my positive thoughts, and I was once again plummeted to the depths of recognition that I wasn't fooling anyone, there was no way to recover this time.  

About one year ago, I was blessed enough to have access to a set of Tesla Energy Lights, and then a Biomodulator, which regulate pH/Cell Voltage in the body. I began to study energy and the effects it has on the body and our world around us. I WAS STUNNED WITH WHAT I LEARNED!  

In these last few years, everything I thought and believed about how our world works around us has been tossed out on its ear, and I am understanding a whole new system at work around us that impacts every aspect of our lives, whether we choose to recognize it or not! Just as the gravity cannot be seen, it has an incredibly powerful effect on this earth. Whether or not we believe in the impact of gravity is futile, as it is in place and working 24/7 nonetheless, as are the forces of energy I have studied recently. Learning to fly or float, is not a matter of defeating gravity, it's a matter of learning how to work in harmony with the laws of nature to accomplish what you wish. Learning to work within the rules of aerodynamics and gravity allowed us to learn to fly. Learning to work with and master the laws of energy and transforming our thoughts allows us to fly in a different way, figuratively and into new paradigms of life we never thought were possible!  

I am by no means telling you I have all the answers to the secrets of the universe, however, I am saying I have learned many of them and am living proof they work, as I watch my life and environment transform around me. Those of you who have known me for years can attest to these things, as you have seen my life begin this incredible shift, and we have only just begun. I have much yet to learn, as do we all, yet me heart's desire is to share with you what I have already learned, teach you how to master these principles, and let's learn together the rest of the way!  

Here's looking forward to many more incredible stories, shifts, and transformations in uncountable lives. I will continue to share my journey here as things shift, and I ask you do the same in your blog. Let's encourage one another and rise to new heights together! 

Love and Light, 
Laura Corby :)

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