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Chronicles of Truth

The Journey From Chaos To Clarity

Written 8/6/2012

We are so much more than the sum of what we appear to be and what we hope to become.There is plan and purpose far beyond what our finite understanding can fathom.Though we long to meet those dreams, we know our failures also have a part in that process.We are intimately aware of who we’ve been in the past, yet we choose to believe and blindly strive for so much more. We grasp for purpose, not just within our own life, but one impacting and touching the lives of others. We search for depth and meaning to understand all the seemingly futile actions we see. Learning to transform them into catalysts for change, that catapult lives into forward, positive motion. It’s the journey from chaos to clarity that changes a life. It’s recognizing and acting upon necessary course corrections to shift our rudders towards new destinations. It’s then learning to stay the course, and not be moved by fear or the desire to return to things of old. It’s a difficult journey, requiring passion, persistence, humility, stamina, accountability, and the will to get up when fallen. Yet it becomes easier with experience and each passing day. A habit, if you will, that as it is practiced more, becomes effortless and a part of who we have become. The rewards are self-evident, fulfilling, all-encompassing, and evolving not only in our own life, but those around us. It’s a learned behavior to move from the negative to the positive, and with it comes the attraction of more positive into our life. This journey starts only by choosing to take the first step, and then the next after.

Love and Light,
Laura Corby :)

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