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The Art Of Being Mindful

Written 11/29/2011

Yesterday I spoke to a friend of mine who was a little frustrated that although she has made some efforts to become much more positive, she said it seemed the harder she tried, the more bad things kept happening to her. How can that be if she's thinking more positively? 

There are some principles at work in regards to the law of love that MUST be understood in order to harness the power to change things. Most of us do not realize on any given day how much time we actually spend in negative thoughts. For so many years, our thoughts have been on auto pilot and though we are making an effort to begin to think positively about things, unknowingly we still spend a large majority of our day thinking negatively.  

One of the things I recall is a story about driving to work and getting there realizing you don't even remember driving the majority of the way because you were lost in deep thought. We do this often without recognition. The problem is, if those thoughts we drift off into are predominately negative in nature, we have a tendency to overcompensate for much of the positive thinking we have tried to put in place.  

Being mindful and living in the now is a skill that we must learn to develop to make forward progress. What does that mean? Well, being mindful is being FULLY AWARE of your present thoughts, environment and attitude and choosing to instill course corrections immediately when you stray off course. It takes practice, but you will find the more mindful you become, the more you have the ability to maintain a positive influence throughout the day. THIS IS WHERE THE SCALES BEGIN TO TIP IN YOUR FAVOR!  

Emotions are always a good measure for where your thoughts are headed. Are you smiling and happy, or are you stressed, worried, doubtful or discouraged? You can tell where your thoughts are sticking simply by looking at how you feel. When you recognize that you are not smiling and feeling as good as you ought, you have the ability to shift those thoughts and change those feelings and eventual outcomes. It's all within your control, you just have to learn how to implement the right procedures to stay the course and practice makes perfect!  

Remember this rule, you have to maintain at least 51% positive thoughts to tip the balance in your favor. If you think positively 20% of the time, but then go negative 80%, you are still going to be struggling. Try to pay attention to your thoughts and not let them wander. If you find yourself moving into negative territory, quickly move back to the positive. If you are not sure what you have to be positive about, start considering the things in your life you are thankful for or that you love. I know many I speak with say they have nothing to be thankful for, but the fact is, that's just not true! Everyone has something to be thankful for, so start with the small things. Make a list of the things in your life you are grateful for and grow that list. Every time you think of something else, add it to your list. When you find yourself down, pull out that list and start remembering what you have to be grateful for. THIS ALWAYS WORKS! Gratitude is one of the most powerful forces, next to love! Use it to shift your thoughts into a more positive realm and see what a difference it makes. Make sure you start EVERY day with your list of gratitude. Starting off the day on this right footing will help to insure the rest of your day is moving in a positive direction! 

As with anything, it takes a little time and practice to learn to control your thoughts and move into the majority of positive. DON'T GIVE UP! You will find before you know it, you are having to put less and less effort into this process, and it becomes second nature! It's a habit that must be developed, and once you do, it reaps a lifetime of rewards! 

Love and Light, 
Laura Corby :)

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