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Living In The Present

Written 11/30/2011

One of the most difficult concepts for me to understand when I started this journey was that of living in the present. I never truly understood what that really meant. I mean, I get the whole idea of focusing on the now, but with so much baggage left over from the past and so many things looming in the near future, was it really possible to keep my thoughts focused on the now and not wander into the realm of hurt and anxiety? The answer is YES, it is possible, though it takes proactive intention and being mindful of the circumstances at hand.   

So what does that really mean? What can we do to insure we stay focused on this moment right now, and not allow ourselves to be dragged off into the auto-pilot thought world of past and potential future experiences? The answer is simpler than you might think. As a matter of fact, sometimes I believe the lessons we have to learn that are necessary to get us where we need to be are often so simple, we just breeze right past them unknowingly and miss the very keys we should be examining. 

One way we stay focused on the now is by noticing the details is one of the most potent ways to stay in the present. Each day, make an exerted effort to PAY ATTENTION to the little details that you might have otherwise missed if you were not fully aware. Ask yourself questions such as, "What things can I see today that are usually overlooked by many, but are truly remarkable items?" "What small, positive things are happening to me today that I can be thankful for?" Noticing details often brings your level of gratitude up tremendously. When we notice the beauty of a flower, the uninhibited joy of a child, the depth of color in a particular area of long, flowing grass, the intensity and detail in an amazing work of art, we activate love for those items. When we are thankful for the closest parking spot we run across at just the right time, that unexpected $10 we just found in our old jeans pocket, a compliment we receive, the courtesy of someone letting us go first in a line we are waiting in when we are in a hurry, we are showing gratitude for positive circumstances happening in our day. Showing love and gratitude automatically increases your frequency and begins returning the same to you! We magnetize or draw to ourselves whatever we put out there. The more positive circumstances we experience in our day, the more positive experiences we are drawing into our future. The more love we show for anything, the more love will be returned to us, in a myriad of different expressions.  

In this hurry up, microwave society we live in today, the hustle and bustle of life makes it easy to rush through our days taking many of these small things for granted. We get that close parking space, but are too busy thinking about what we have to do to pay the utility bill to even notice, let alone be thankful for it. Our minds seem to remain preoccupied a good portion of the time, which in effect keeps us from living in the present. The fact that we often remain preoccupied with negative thoughts is even further to our detriment, as we tip the balance of that frequency scale back into low, negative territory if we are not careful.  

Make it a habit to notice the little things in your day! If that seems overwhelming to you, then start small! Set of goal of finding 10 small things to be positive for. When you find you can do that easily each day, move that goal up. Before you know it, you will retrain your brain to look for these things on a continual basis, and will find yourself staying in a perpetual state of love and gratitude. When that happens, WATCH OUT! Living in the present will be tremendously more enjoyable, but the rewards for showing such love and gratitude on an ongoing basis will begin to blow your mind. You're skeptical, you say? Well then, try it for a month and I have absolutely NO doubt you will find the same results I have found. It's the law of the universe, and just like gravity, it takes effect at all times, whether we believe it or not! Challenge it and see for yourself! 

Love and Light, 
Laura Corby :)

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