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Lessons From History

Written 8/18/2012

Today on my FB page, I made a post that said, "I have just had the wind knocked out of my sails, but as I always say, this too shall pass and somehow, I will get by and be better for it! The question I have to keep asking is why I am attracting this kind of stuff into my life and what lessons have I not yet learned that need to be understood? Hmmmmm." 

The point in this post was not complaining, or posturing in a woe-is-me frame of mind, playing the victim. The point of the post was reflective and recognizing that there are things I have yet to learn, as  some of these scenarios have happened numerous times. There are things in this life that we experience and quite often we continue to experience the same lessons again and again until we learn what is needed from them.  

To look at this from a Christian perspective, we can say that the same is true with God. He brings things to us that he wants us to learn. Sometimes, we learn those things the first go around. Sometimes, we don't quite get it or we miss it all together, and guess what? He's faithful to continue to bring those things to us again and again until we do eventually get it.  

I find it really funny how different people of different religious viewpoints look at these things and argue semantics, when in the end, we are talking exactly the same thing in different vernacular. 

History repeats itself again and again (both individually and on a larger geographic scale) until we learn the lessons history teaches us, to keep from making those same mistakes again. It doesn't matter what or who you feel the sources of the history are.... there are there nonetheless. That happens in life, no matter what your religious belief or affiliation is.

What I am saying is there are clearly some things I am missing that I need to better understand and navigate differently, in order to shift to a better outcome in future endeavors. Again, that can happen in business, relationships or even on a larger governmental level. 

If you have not already, read my post about the reality of not being able to be positive all the time. I do not believe, as one poster in a reply said, "...there are those who never are exposed to negative feelings and feedback from others, because they are so positive". That's just not life. WE ALL EXPERIENCE PERIODS OF DIFFICULTY AND NEGATIVITY. If there was no difficulty, how would we recognize or quantify joy? I think you may have misunderstood my post. Read this below and see if this makes it any clearer. 

I am a realist and I take things at face value, yet I ALWAYS believe there are lessons we are learning in our daily lives that help us to mature, grow and become better people, if we choose to listen. This is how our lives are shaped and molded, through both wonderful and difficult experiences we encounter along the way, that culminate in making us who we are. I choose to look at all things in a perspective that allows me to pull back and ask questions about what it is I could be learning from these experiences that can make me a better person, not only for my own growth benefit, but also for the benefit of others I encounter daily that cross my path. That's quite different from a pessimistic view of I am experiencing all these things because I have been negative and am bringing them into my life as punishment. I don't see this as punishment, I see it as another chance to get it right and learn valuable lessons that allow me to grow. So what can I learn from my past so things can be different this time around? Where has my focus been? Where has my intention been? What has been getting the majority of my time and energy? These are the questions I am asking, as where my time, energy and focus rest, is also likely the source of my difficulty if it's not where it needs to be. It's not always clear to see that from the midst of a struggle though, hence the statements we hear from so many about not seeing the forrest for the trees! It's so much easier for someone to call out a foul from the sidelines, whereas on the field, it can get quite a bit fuzzy! I think it's important that we learn to take responsibility for what we experience in our lives, as bottom line, we play a tremendous role in the outcome, good, bad or indifferent, based on how we choose to react, or in some cases not! If I can ask questions, pull back and learn from history, I certainly want to do so, and I believe there are MANY lessons there to be learned, again, if we are willing to look at them. 

Love and Light,
Laura Corby :) 

P.S. Here's the name of that original post that was written a bit earlier in this blog series: Can You Really Be Happy 100% Of The time. You may want to read it for clearer reference. 

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