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Guilt vs. Conviction... Do You Recognize The Difference?

Written 12/19/2011

We are all products of our environment and our upbringing plays an enormous role in how we interpret and respond to situations in our lives, physically, emotionally and spiritually. But what about how we respond to ourselves? Sometimes we can be our own worst enemies waging war in that battlefield of our mind. Guilt and conviction are two areas that are often misinterpreted and can turn into a whipping post of sorts, if we are not able to process through and resolve the issues at hand, as well as recognize the origin of the emotions. Many do not recognize the difference between the two and the opposing roles they play.  

Guilt is always brought on by an external human influence. Whether it be the morals instilled through our upbringing, perceptions from our peers, authority figures, or the public at large, or even ritualistic or religious beliefs that have been engrained in us from our youth. Guilt always involves us viewing ourselves through the eyes of another in a disapproving manner, which we then project upon ourselves. Guilt brings on the feelings of judgment, shame, unworthiness, and being less than expected. Basking in guilt is often the source of fear, paranoia, depression, hopelessness, confusion and the highly negative vibration frequencies that accompany those emotions. So many of us have lived in a continual state of guilt for so long that we don't even realize we are being influenced by these negative forces.  

In great contrast, conviction comes from within and is sourced by the Divine. Conviction does not stir feelings of shame, unworthiness, judgment, or disdain of any type. Rather, conviction clearly points us in a new direction of change and growth, prodding the desire to leave behind the old, those things not serving us well, and move forward into the newness of life that waits just beyond our willingness to comply! Conviction can lead to a wonderful, freeing experience, if we can see it as such, and not overshadow it within the guise of guilt.  

Recognizing the difference between these two quite opposite forces is paramount. Guilt will always lead to negativity and significantly lower your energy. Conviction, if recognized as such and followed, will always lead to positive influence and a tremendous increase in your energetic frequency. Your feelings should be your first clue as to which you are experiencing. When you find yourself with that proverbial knot in your stomach, ask yourself, "What is the source of this feeling?" If you are feeling shame, self-consciousness, judgment, or any of these other negative feelings, the source of those is guilt! If you are feeling conviction, you may feel a recognition of ills, whether that be current behaviors, thoughts, or past deeds, but not in a judgmental way. Rather conviction comes as an awakening to our wrongs, a recognition that a shift or change is necessary, and repentance or a turning away from those behaviors of the past is in order, allowing us to move forward into spiritual growth and greater experiences.  

So the next time you find yourself feeling a change is in order, make sure you identify which source of influence is at hand. If conviction is the cause, WONDERFUL! If guilt is at at the helm, we have some work to do! Recognize first that guilt is always an emotion that WE ALLOW. No one else can make us feel guilty, it is an emotion we subject ourselves to. Though many people attempt to use guilt as a form of manipulation, those emotions cannot affect us if we don't allow them to. Anytime you are feeling the emotions associated with guilt, a positive shift is in order. You can shift those frequencies by not ruminating on the negative emotions or guilt itself, and rather make a conscious choice to look for things you are grateful for or love. Keep your mind occupied with those things that carry the highest frequency of love. Think about people you love, things you love, activities you love to engage in. Gratitude is the next highest frequency to love, so anything you can fill your mind with that you are grateful for will raise your energy frequency, which dispels the negative. Make a mental list of those things and place your focus there.  

Don't make the mistake of trying to get rid of negative thoughts or emotions. Placing the focus on them only increases them, as what we resist persists and grows even stronger. Think of it like a bus that's going to a bad destination. The passengers are all from the negative part of town, so they are comfortable frequenting the negative stops this bus makes. Trying to single-handedly manhandle the passengers and the bus driver to go to a different part of town would not only be overwhelming, it would likely end in a very unpleasant result! A better way to handle the situation would be to get many new positive riders on the bus. As the bus begins to fill with those who want to visit positive destinations, those who are negative will grow increasingly uncomfortable and start leaving the bus. As the bus population shifts, the driver will be more inclined to go where the majority of the passengers want to visit. One by one, the negative passengers exit the bus on their own accord, not because we forced them, but because they are not comfortable in the presence of all this positivity! Light dispels darkness. If you want to light a room, you do not demand the darkness leave immediately, you fill the room with light and the darkness disappears. Likewise it is with our thoughts, emotions and wellbeing.  

Hopefully this will help you recognize and consciously take control of what is driving your emotions and the shifts needed in your life!  

Love and Light, 
Laura Corby :)

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