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** As a therapist and energy worker myself, I am always on the search for healers who have not only gained mastery over a variety of techniques, but maybe even more importantly, have done a level of work on their own energy and life, so as to be a clear vessel to provide the optimum of healing potential forward for their clients. Laura Lum Corby is one of those healers. She has done extensive training and research on the techniques she uses in her work. Techniques that are unique, rare to find and powerful. Additionally, she is a gifted intuitive and is able to facilitate the movement of energy like no other I’ve ever worked with.

Personally, I’ve done years and years of talk therapy, body work, energy work, intuitive readings, etc and until I got on the table with Laura, I had not fully felt the body memories that my body had held onto from previous trauma. What I know, is that we can’t truly heal what we cannot feel. Working with Laura allowed me to safely, thoroughly, compassionately and completely release what had been locked inside my body for years.

I’m so grateful to have found her and highly recommend her work to individuals who have tried other healers, techniques and still find themselves struggling with the same issues. It is possible to break deep patterns and Laura will help you do it.

Peace, blessings and love,
Kathy Metcalf

** What I like about Laura is that she listened to me before addressing my issues. I wasn't another number and I didn't feel rushed. She took her time and asked the right questions about my health both mental and physical; and with my permission, she even consulted with other health practitioners. I appreciate the fact that she encouraged a total wellness regimen. It wasn't all spiritual energy medicine or only diet. It was a life-style change I needed in order to naturally heal from cancer and lupus (SLE). Since my time was short, according to my physician team, we knew we had to act quickly. When I asked questions, she answered them in verbiage that I could understand. She didn't talk over my head. She was patient even when I asked the exact same question over and over.With my willingness to be healed and her willingness to help, we were successful and I am still alive today! Grateful that God used her as an instrument to help save my life. 

With a grateful heart,

Corinne Derenburger, 
CLC Author, Blogger, Life & Health Coach, and a FlyGirl! 

** Laura Lum Corby is an extremely innovative and outgoing individual who cares deeply for the community. She provides invaluable services for the community. On a number of occasions we have used her services with great success and I would highly recommend her to any person needing services ranging from coaching, to therapy, to advocacy. We have had much success through her and are extremely grateful of her help, we would have been lost with out her help. She is an amazing individual with an enormous giving heart. 

Melissa Shaw,
Self-Employed Jewelry Design

** I went to Laura at a time in my life where I'd reached the end of my rope. My autistic son was falling further & further behind, there seemed to be no hope in sight. Laura was, is, and will always be our most trusted source of insight into the behaviors that caused our son so many problems. With Laura's guidance we are recovering our boy, this is something I thought was not possible before I met Laura. What better recommendation could I ever give to anyone? Laura saved my sanity & my son. For that, I will remain forever grateful, 

Judy Hart,
Independent Hospital & Health Care Professional

** A quick tour of the autism landscape will return thousands of organizations each offering various answers. As a parent or a professional it is nearly impossible to distinguish the deeply knowledgeable organizations from those which offer partial pre-packaged solutions which may or may not help or hurt your child. 

Laura Corby, the driving force behind "Autism Solution Center" is one of those rare individuals in our community who is both deeply knowledgeable and passionately engaged in providing real help for children and families affected by autism. The autism community is tremendously fortunate and benefits enormously by Laura's involvement. 

I count my blessings Laura is doing the work she does and know she will continue to inspire, teach, and reach new heights so that one day autism will no longer hold our children in the paralyzing grip it does. In the matrix of the movement Laura is one of a handful who are positively impacting the inflection point and changing the calculus of autism to recovery.

Ed Arranga,
Founder - Autism One

** Laura is well prepared for the social interplay that goes hand and hand with her job of enlightening and addressing people about this great cause. She displays an infectious zeal combining passion and cause delivering her very best to the community. She is a great speaker with sound analytical skills that can separate and read between the lines of research that comes today with reservations that are subtle. Working with her was very gratifying and I would commend her ability for managing disparate forces both inside and outside the career.

Dr. Dilshad Devani, Ph.D., 
President National Diversity Council for Women (DFW)

** Laura is a tireless, dedicated, professional whose mission is to advocate and fight for the rights of Autistic children and their families. I have found her to be extremely knowledgable of Autism Spectrum Disorders and she makes herself available to those who are searching for ways to help their children. She is articulate as well as empathetic. She has helped create hope and new opportunities for families that have no place to turn. At the cost of sacrificing her own personal time, she spends countless hours planning the strategic future of the Autism Solution Center. Her ability to bring awareness of Austism to the media, medical community and educational systems has been instrumental in shaping the future of so many families and their special children.

Robert Beck, 
Vice President of U.S. Operations

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