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Synergistic Health Solutions is a recognized distributor for Multi-Dimensional Technologies Tesla Lights and can provide both individual or group Tesla Light sessions, as well as assist in the purchase of Tesla Lights, should you decide to acquire them for your own use. 

To Schedule a Tesla Lights Session, please contact Laura Lum Corby at (901) 286-8977 to schedule an appointment time. 

If interested in purchasing Tesla Lights, please email for more information. 

Our Tesla Light System is a personal energy management system designed to donate electrons, recharge and permeate one's subtle energy bodies with compatible high frequency subtle energies.

Tesla based technology was rebirthed by incorporating two Tesla coils and select noble gases in tubes which produced a “power” based apparatus in 1994 called the Bio-Electric Light Stimulator. This first version was a relic reproduction from those in experimentation in the 1800 and 1900's Tesla era. We discovered that this original design of the copper wire inside the tall center pillar could be improved to make way for more available subtle energy as a consciousness tool.

In 1998, a subtle energy activation device was created, capable of producing a much finer non-physical subtle energy field. By removing the copper wire column and replacing it with fine quartz crystal tubes applied to the unipolar AC and DC bias models, we reduced the raw electrical power while creating a transmission of plasma containing billions of fine ionic frequencies in a full spectrum of harmonics. Providing the solution with AC and DC bias complements was a far more balanced and elegant delivery system with major evolutionary break through propensities. We have derived our innovations after pioneering a 18 year “CIP” (continued improvement program) in development. With our long term commitment as the originators of this modern day technology, our subtle energy activation systems have been refined to work day in and day out.

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Dr. Bruce Mills, MD
Explanation of Tesla Lights Experience

Heterodyning is the generation of new frequencies by mixing, or multiplying, two oscillating waveforms. It is useful for modulation and demodulation of signals, or placing information of interest into a useful frequency range. The two frequencies are mixed in a vacuum tube, transistor, diode, or other signal processing device. Mixing two frequencies creates two new frequencies, according to the properties of the sine function: one at the sum of the two frequencies mixed, and the other at their difference. These new frequencies are called heterodynes. 

Our Tesla Lights have several heterodynes simultaniously in a unique multi-wave oscillator energy recipe. 

A. Exclusive 2 polarities consisting of yin and yang (aka female + male) waveforms in dual-bias units called AC and DC. 
B. Exclusive 2 set of adjustable spark gaps that converging to create billions of high frequency waveforms. 
C. Exclusive 2 large fine lab crystals in each base placed to amplify frequencies.
D. Exclusive Multi-gas Pink DL tubes created so they may emit billions of atomic ions locally in the air for a profound multi-awareness connection to the user. 

E. All of the above 4 have at least 2 components each to heterodyne individually as well as together. The combination of these create much more than a simple computation but a rather unique and complex one of a higher power nature; beyond what one can count or fathom. 

Bottom line, Tesla Lights are intentionally designed to create MORE FREQUENCIES to expand users holistic life force potenial. Our development team has been committed to CIP, the "Continual Improvement Process" for last 18 years to assure buyers that our Tesla Lights multi-wave output is second to none!

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How does the SEAD work?
Why does this technology work?
What is photonic energy and why is it important to wellness?
Who invented the original Multiple Wave Oscillator on which the SEAD is based?
Why does the SEAD look different than the original MWO built by Lakhovsky?
Who invented the BELS technology?
Why are gas tubes necessary?
Why do you use the long center tube in your carousel?
Can anyone use the SEAD?
Does the  SEAD / Tesla Lights use antiquated technology?
We read a review online that states that your units are not strong enough to be of any benefit.  Is that true?


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