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Welcome to the Soulful Sage Blog, a place to feel safe, welcomed, and understood as we navigate our journey through emotional awareness, healing, and awakening of the soul.

I’m Laura Lum Corby (The Soulful Sage). I’m passionate about helping others identify and overcome the obstacles in our lives that keep us from excelling.

I’m a health practitioner (, writer, and speaker. After many years in a private health practice, speaking about common emotional issues that keep people stuck, I’ve decided to start sharing this often life-changing information in a public forum. I recognize these are tough issues that impact the masses, yet few are really talking about them openly and transparently. I don’t know about you, but I’m craving authentic, raw, truthful discussions about the difficulties we face in life, and the current pop psychobabble just isn’t cutting it. These are the insights, tools, and skills that have been transformational in the lives of many I work with, that have been hard-earned through a combination of my own personal experiences and academic research. I would love the honor of now sharing them with you!

I usually publish new content 3-5 times per week and am highly responsive to my readers! I’m always open to and excited about new topic suggestions, interaction, and clarification! After all, it’s all about effective communication and understanding, so my promise is to deliver in those areas!

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It’s my hope as you peruse these writings, you encounter a lot more depth, opportunity for growth, greater satisfaction, and an increasingly contagious smile to accompany you along this journey!

We all have a great distance to travel, quite a lot of baggage to process, and the impatience of a toddler in a toy store at certain points! As you traverse the path you’ve chosen, however difficult it might seem at times, I pray these words might encourage and uplift you, reminding you that you’re never alone and help is always closer than you think!

Love & Light,
Laura Lum Corby

All works are © Laura Lum Corby
All rights reserved
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