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Synergistic Health Solutions offers world-wide assistance to clients both locally in our office, as well as remotely through Skype and other media outlets, if you are not from our immediate area. Distance need not be an issue in finding balanced wellness! 

Pastoral Medicine

Laura Lum Corby is licensed by the Pastoral Medical Association as a Licensed Pastoral Therapist (LPT) able to serve in all 3 areas of pastoral medicine, physical, mental and spiritual. This designation name will be changed to Diplomat of Pastoral Sciences (D.PSc.) in the very near future.

Licensed Pastoral Therapist: LPT: The LPT is an advanced level practitioner with an advanced education and experience in assisting individuals and groups on one or more areas of the PMA (Pastoral Medical Association) model (physical, mental or spiritual). 

The LPT serves a similar role in Pastoral Medicine as does the advanced RN, or licensed professional counselor in conventional medical settings. The LPT may focus education and specialize in one aspect of the PMA model, or offer generalized services within the PMA model. With a focus in the "physical" aspect, the LPT may apply health assessment, nutrition and natural medicine in accordance with the PMA formulary. With educational focus on the "mental" aspect, the LPT may specialize in bible based mental health counseling, and likewise, with education focused in ministry, may specialize in pastoral duties ministry, instructing and guiding individuals and groups in bible studies, etc. 

Certified Accessing The Bars Practitioner

Learning to have control over your thoughts and change thought processes to a more positive viewpoint, as well as eliminating sabotaging thoughts, plays a critical role in obtaining optimum wellness. In addition to counseling services geared towards training you to identify and eliminate "auto-pilot" thinking, we also provide several other modalities of intervention to help release negative energy and unconscious thoughts and beliefs that play such a damaging role in our thought life. Accessing The Bars is one of these methods.

There are 32 bars of energy that run through and around your head that connect to different aspects of your life. We call all of the points you touch when using this modality “The Bars.”

They store the electromagnetic component of all the thoughts, ideas, attitudes, decisions and beliefs that you have ever had about anything.

For example; every thought you have ever had about money that you considered important, the energy of that thought is stored in the Bar called "money."There are Bars for healing, body, control, awareness, creativity, power, aging, sex and money; 32 different ones in all. Each Bar corresponds with that aspect or area of your life that it is named.

Touch one Bar and you begin to clear away the energy locked up in that area or aspect of your life just by touching it. Add in touching another Bar and you not only get the "issues" from the first Bar, you also begin clearing the "issues" stored in that second Bar. As well you clear all the points of view about those two Bars in relation to each other, allowing for exponential change.

Just by gently touching the Bars you effectively erase everything you have ever stored there. Just five minutes can erase a lifetime of stored points of view. What is the value of erasing this bank of data you have stored all this lifetime, and every lifetime?

When you are functioning from preconceived points of veiw about what is possible in life, what is not possible in life, and have it rigidly defined of how the world works, you can not be aware of anything that does not match that.

Each thought, idea, attitude, decision or belief that you have fixed in place solidifies the energy and limits your capacity to change anything in that area. You change the energy, you change how that part of your life shows up. What is the most simple and easy way to change energy? Get your Bars touched! When you do,  something different can show up in your life with ease. 

At worst you feel like you have just had the best massage of your life. At best your whole life can change into something greater with total ease. This is an incredibly nurturing and relaxing process, undoing limitation in all aspects of your life with out any effort.

EFT Master Practitioner

Emotional Freedom Techniques, or EFT (often known as Tapping or EFT Tapping), is a universal healing tool that can provide impressive results for physical, emotional, and performance issues. EFT operates on the premise that no matter what part of your life needs improvement, there are unresolved emotional issues in the way. Even for physical issues, chronic pain, or diagnosed conditions, it is common knowledge that any kind of emotional stress can impede the natural healing potential of the human body.

In many cases, EFT can be applied directly to physical symptoms for relief without exploring any emotional contributors. However, for the most powerful, longest lasting results with EFT, we do expect to identify and target related emotional issues.

The EFT premise also includes the understanding that the more unresolved emotional issues you can clear, the more peace and emotional freedom you will have in your life. The Personal Peace Procedure (discussed later) is the tool you need to get there ... limiting beliefs can vanish, personal performance can soar, relationships can thrive, and vibrant physical health can be yours. If we’re being realistic, everyone on this planet has at least a few emotional issues holding them back from pure, limitless happiness.

With that in mind, EFT can be an ongoing process that we use to clear out the old traumas, and welcome any new challenges with a healthy, productive attitude. The core EFT instruction in this Tutorial will start with the basic tapping process and take you all the way to the Personal Peace Procedure. We welcome anyone and everyone to use these tools for as much peace and freedom as they can imagine.

EFT Tapping Often Works Where Nothing Else Will!

EFT breathes fresh air into the healing process by borrowing from the Chinese meridian system. While acupuncture, acupressure and the like have been primarily focused on physical ailments, EFT stands back from this ancient process and points it also at emotional issues. These, in turn, often provide benefits for performance and physical issues.

EFT combines the physical benefits of acupuncture with the cognitive benefits of conventional therapy for a much faster, more complete treatment of emotional issues, and the physical and performance issues that often result.

EFT is an emotional version of acupuncture, except we don't use needles.
While related to acupuncture, EFT does not use needles. Instead, we use a simple two pronged process wherein we (1) mentally "tune in" to specific issues while (2) stimulating certain meridian points on the body by tapping on them with our fingertips. Properly done, EFT appears to balance disturbances in the meridian system and thus often reduces the conventional therapy procedures from months or years down to minutes or hours. The basic Tapping process is easy to learn, can be done anywhere, and can be used to provide impressive do-it-yourself results. 

Certified Reiki Master - Energy Work & Clearing

Rebalancing the body's energy field by clearing blockage points, cleansing the body's entire meridian structure, and raising vibration are all a critical part of returning the body to a state of ease. This can be done individually or through a combination of Reiki, Divine Energy Work, Angelic Healing and more!

Singing Bowl Sound Sessions & Meditation 

There are over 14 different systems which equate the notes of the Western scale to the chakras. Ten of these systems agree that the notes work upon the chakras as follows:

B = crown/ 7th chakra
A = third eye (pineal gland)/ 6th chakra
G = throat/ 5th chakra
F = heart/ 4th chakra
E = solar plexus/ 3rd chakra
D = sacral/ 2nd chakra
C = root/1st chakra

Please note that most of the Tibetan singing bowls produce more than one note (most produce between two and all seven notes of the Western scale) and therefore affect more than one chakra. Those who are doing healing work usually acquire a set of bowls that will be able to affect all of the chakras.

For more information on the specific bowls I use and how they work, please click here.

Solfeggio Tuning Fork Sound Sessions

Tuning forks are precise instruments that have the ability to change our inner tuning by creating a resonance throughout our mind, emotions, and body. They do this by creating a vortex of sound that leads us into stillpoint, which is a moment where everything seems to stop and we can retune ourselves. Our nervous system, like the string of a musical instrument, vibrates to the sound of tuning forks.

Researchers have discovered that cells resonate at particular harmonic frequencies. When these cells are healthy, they vibrate at “optimum balance,” like tuning forks. Obviously, disease is dissonant or disharmonic, having a negative effect on cells.

Tuning Fork Sound Sessions are a powerful, non-invasive modality that uses sound vibration to re-harmonize and attune the human energy field. It has been used successfully to support those with a wide variety of conditions by unblocking or releasing energy disturbances inside and outside the body. 

The vibration of sound has many effects on both the conscious and the unconscious levels invoking emotional responses. The power of sound can energize, uplift, and relax. Tuning Fork Sound Sessions are an effective way to align your inner rhythms and achieve optimal health and well-being.

For more information on the Tuning Forks I use and how they work, please click here.

Tennant Biomodulator

My use of the Tennant Biomodulator/Transducer is quite simply an additional non-invasive modality that uses frequencies to re-harmonize and attune the human energy field and assist in unblocking or releasing energy disturbances inside and outside the body. 

Tesla Light Sessions

Our Tesla Light System is a personal energy management system designed to donate electrons, recharge and permeate one's subtle energy bodies with compatible high frequency subtle energies.

Tesla based technology was rebirthed by incorporating two Tesla coils and select noble gases in tubes which produced a “power” based apparatus in 1994 called the Bio-Electric Light Stimulator. This first version was a relic reproduction from those in experimentation in the 1800 and 1900's Tesla era. We discovered that this original design of the copper wire inside the tall center pillar could be improved to make way for more available subtle energy as a consciousness tool.

In 1998, a subtle energy activation device was created, capable of producing a much finer non-physical subtle energy field. By removing the copper wire column and replacing it with fine quartz crystal tubes applied to the unipolar AC and DC bias models, we reduced the raw electrical power while creating a transmission of plasma containing billions of fine ionic frequencies in a full spectrum of harmonics. Providing the solution with AC and DC bias complements was a far more balanced and elegant delivery system with major evolutionary break through propensities. We have derived our innovations after pioneering a 18 year “CIP” (continued improvement program) in development. With our long term commitment as the originators of this modern day technology, our subtle energy activation systems have been refined to work day in and day out.

Heterodyning is the generation of new frequencies by mixing, or multiplying, two oscillating waveforms. It is useful for modulation and demodulation of signals, or placing information of interest into a useful frequency range. The two frequencies are mixed in a vacuum tube, transistor, diode, or other signal processing device. Mixing two frequencies creates two new frequencies, according to the properties of the sine function: one at the sum of the two frequencies mixed, and the other at their difference. These new frequencies are called heterodynes. 

Our Tesla Lights have several heterodynes simultaniously in a unique multi-wave oscillator energy recipe. 

A. Exclusive 2 polarities consisting of yin and yang (aka female + male) waveforms in dual-bias units called AC and DC. 
B. Exclusive 2 set of adjustable spark gaps that converging to create billions of high frequency waveforms. 
C. Exclusive 2 large fine lab crystals in each base placed to amplify frequencies.
D. Exclusive Multi-gas Pink DL tubes created so they may emit billions of atomic ions locally in the air for a profound multi-awareness connection to the user. 

E. All of the above 4 have at least 2 components each to heterodyne individually as well as together. The combination of these create much more than a simple computation but a rather unique and complex one of a higher power nature; beyond what one can count or fathom. 

Bottom line, Tesla Lights are intentionally designed to create MORE FREQUENCIES to expand users holistic life force potenial. Our development team has been committed to CIP, the "Continual Improvement Process" for last 18 years to assure buyers that our Tesla Lights multi-wave output is second to none!


The idea behind biofeedback is that by harnessing the power of your mind and becoming aware of what's going on inside your body, you can gain more control over your health. How Does Biofeedback Therapy Work? Researchers do know that biofeedback promotes relaxation, which can help relieve a number of conditions that are related to stress. During a biofeedback session, electrodes are attached to your skin. These electrodes send signals to a monitor, which displays information that represents your heart and breathing rate, blood pressure, skin temperature, sweating, or muscle activity. When you're under stress, these functions change. Your heart rate speeds up, your muscles tighten, your blood pressure rises, you start to sweat, and your breathing quickens. You can see these stress responses as they happen on the monitor, and then get immediate feedback as you try to stop them. A biofeedback therapist helps you practice relaxation exercises, which you fine-tune to control different body functions. For example, you might use a relaxation technique to turn down the brainwaves that activate when you have a headache. Several different exercises are used in biofeedback therapy, including: breath work, visualization, meditation, and others! Conversely, biofeedback can also help to identify activities and exercises that activate the system, for those who are too laid back or lethargic. 

ZYTO Biocommunication Scan Practitioner

With ZYTO Biocommunication, your health provider is now able to gather in a vast amount of data about your body. ZYTO scans are a stimulus-response exchange between the computer and your body. The response generated by your body's energetic system provides more comprehensive information and at a level you are most likely not consciously aware of.
Biological preference doesn't indicate deficiency and it isn't a diagnosis of illness or disease. It simply means that during the scan you responded more favorably to particular stimuli. This information, specifically about you, can now guide your healthcare provider to explore issues around these items.

CLICK HERE for more detailed information about how ZYTO Biocommunication Scans work. 


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