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Laura Lum Corby, D.PSc. - Founder/Owner
Laura Lum Corby, D.PSc. - Founder/Owner
Laura Lum Corby is licensed through Pastoral Medical Association as a Diplomat of Pastoral Science (D.PSc) and is Founder/Owner/Practitioner at Synergistic Health Solutions. Laura is currently attending school for Doctor of Natural Medicine, focusing on natural/energy/pastoral medicine, and is also acquiring board certification in EEG Neurofeedback. Laura is a Pastoral Medical Provider & Counselor, Reiki Master, Vibrational Sound Therapist, Biofeedback Provider, EFT Master Practitoner, Behavior Modification Specialist, Autism Interventionalist, Writer, and National Speaker. She's the parent of 2 children affected by Autism Spectrum Disorders, as well as having AS/ADHD herself and has spent the past 15+ years engaged in intensive biomedical, dietary and therapeutic research, as it relates to Autism Spectrum Disorders and other health issues. Ms. Corby is actively involved in disability advocacy; (local, state and national) legislative issues and awareness; autism research, education and treatments; building community relationships and inclusion with those affected by autism and their families. Ms. Corby is also a graduate of the Partner’s In Policy Making Leadership Institute, a Div. of the TN Council on Dev. Disabilities. Ms. Corby is widely recognized as an Autism/Asperger's expert and speaker at autism conferences & workshops across the nation in all related topics including, but not limited to, energy/natural/pastoral medicine, biofeedback, biomedical/dietary intervention, pH/cell voltage, behavior modification, IDEA rights and advocacy, understanding Autism/Asperger's Syndrome, and others. Areas of expertise: Energy/natural/pastoral medicine, pH/cell voltage, vibrational sound therapy, essential oils, stress management, pain management, biomedical intervention, dietary intervention, ABA / behavior modification, educational advocacy, therapeutic interventions (Speech therapy, occupational therapy, music therapy concepts), life coaching / counseling, social skills training, national speaker, training, teaching workshops, writer.

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